Fire Bowl 

This fire bowl is made of Red Flash quarry brick, features a gas valve and key, 6” perforated stainless steel burner and fire glass..
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AMD Stone Pots 

Unique and beautiful stone pots - functional art through stone pot creations.

Greg has been in masonry for 27 years, has had his own business for 10 years. He's seen everything one can imagine in his trade and has a wide range of knowledge that has catapulted him to a leader in his trade. Inspired to make new custom pots 4 years ago, there was a seed that was planted in his mind and it got him thinking about creating traditional looking pots but using granite, stone, veneer, etc. in a unique way that no one else has accomplished.

Greg has been refining his craft over the past 27 years which has enabled him to file 2 pending patents for his Stone Pot process. This enables him to produce extraordinary pieces that are unique for each client.

Located in Southern California, AMD Stone Pots is an accumulation of 27 years of masonry mastery that will please the most demanding of clients who are in search of flower pots in Huntington Beach, San Clemente and Los Angeles California.

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The only name to remember the next time you are seeking original and unique Stone Pots in Huntington Beach, San Clemente and the Los Angeles area - AMD Stone Pots are certain to deliver excellence and complete satisfaction to each of our clients.